WordPress Page Speed Optimization

WordPress Page Speed Optimization Service

Speed Up Your WordPress Website To Gain Favor With Google, So They Will Send You More Customers!

Page speed is one of the many ranking factors, Google uses to determine how well they will rank your website in their search results.  

If your web pages load too slow, Google will suppress your business listing in their search engine; leaving all those free leads to your competitors.  

Increasing page speed is not going to tip the scale, but it is something that can be addressed for relatively cheap in order to improve your bottom line from a traffic and conversion stand point.

Wordpress Page Speed Optimization

It's Not Just About Google

Why Does Google Care?

Although your website having a bad rep with Google is reason enough to nip slow loading pages in the bud, they are not the only reason you should make this a priority.  In fact, Google is not even the #1 reason you need to be taking action.  Your customers are!

Slow loading web pages lead to high bounce rates, poor engagement, and even frustrated visitors; all of which result in lower conversions and lost revenue.  Not to mention, it makes your company look…well…not so professional.  Not good right?

Google understands the importance of providing visitors with a good user experience.  If visitors click on a slow loading website from a search result, it looks bad on Google.   

Visitors don’t always understand that it is the destination website that is slow to load and not Google.  Consequentially, they place blame on Google; not realizing they have nothing to do with it.  To avoid losing users due to slow loading pages, Google uses their influence to encourage site owners to make improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We pride ourselves on providing speedy service.  We specialize in WordPress speed optimization.  Essentially, this means we know exactly what we are doing and we can get in and out in a matter of hours; sometimes minutes.  A typical service job will take us only 1-2 hours.  However, every WordPress setup is different, so there are occassions where we have to do some troubleshooting, which usually will involve no more than a 24-hour period.

Google sets the bar for page spade.  Therefore, we use their Page Speed Insights Tool to measure your page speed before and after completion of service.  You can run this test yourself right now, to find out what your page speed score is.  We will also send you a screenshot of the before and after.

Getting a 100% is extremely rare and involves updates that are beyond the scope of what we do.  Therefore, we do not guarantee a perfect score of 100%.  We do however, guarantee a passing score of 80% and up.  This is enough to satisfy Google’s requirements and keep your site favorably viewed in the eyes of Google as it pertains to Page Speed.

We are experts and extremely good at what we do.  In fact, we’ve never failed an attempt to achieve a passing page speed score.  However, in the unlikely event that we aren’t able to obtain a passing Page Speed Insights score, we will issue a full refund.

Every WordPress installation is different.  Themes, plugins, and any custom code can all have an adverse reaction to any new installations.  Therefore, we take all the necessary precautions by running a full database backup, so that we can restore your site if something goes wrong.

No.  As long as you are a full admin of your WordPress site, you can simply create a separate username for admin@untouchablewebdesign.com.  Once we complete the service, you can remove our access.

Google PageSpeed Insights data is collected from Chrome users.  Sites displaying a speed of unavailable simply do not have enough data to measure the page speed of that page yet.  So, while you will not see the page Speed score until you have enough traffic, you will be able to see the page Optimization score right away.

It’s sort of a catch 22.  You won’t be able to see your Speed score right away, but if you don’t optimize for speed, you may never get enough traffic for Google’s Page Insights tool to analyze your site.   Our guarantee is valid until your speed score shows up.  If your Speed score is unavailable at the time of service completion, your guarantee will go into effect when the speed starts to appear.  If you have a failing score when your Speed score starts to appear in Google’s tool, simply contact us and we’ll fix it or issue a full refund.

What To Expect With Our Service

  • A job completed within 24 hours!
  • A passing Google Page Insights score of at least 80% for both mobile and desktop!
  • Better engagement from your site visitors!

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