7 Website Features Every Pet Grooming Business Should Have

If you have a pet grooming business, or are in stages of launching one, the following are some tips to keep in mind when it comes time to launch your website.

1.  Different Yourself With A Unique Logo.  Whether you are designing a logo yourself, or outsourcing it to a logo designer, one thing you want to avoid is a logo displaying the typical paw imagery.  A logo is designed to set yourself apart from your competition, if you come with a slightly different version of what other dog groomer is already doing, you are going to differentiate yourself very well.  Communicate to the logo designer that you want something unique and spell it out that you don’t want to see any paws!

2.  Make Your Website Work Harder For You With Appointment Booking. One thing I hate to see is business owners not utilizing the full potential of their website.   If you’re business is by appointment only, then your website should allow online booking.  It’s a known fact, the more steps you put prospects through the less likely they are to convert to a customer.  Forcing visitors to pick up the phone and call is asking for a bounce.  Make it easy for them to book an appointment; right where they are, while they are hot.

With appointment booking capability, your customers can look into finding the right balance and reserve a block of time, and pay a deposit if you choose.  Once a block is filled up, it is no longer available.  You can configure the appointment calendar to make available as many grooming slots as your shop can handle.  Enabling appointment booking not only increases conversions, but reduces customer support in the shop.  Put your website to work with appointment booking.  is I can install an actual appointment booking script that allows customers to pay a deposit and book an appointment. The slot would automatically become unavailable once filled.

3. Make It Easier For Mobile Visitors With Click To Call. 50% of web searchers are on mobile devices. Having a click to call feature will help you get more calls from mobile users.  Creating a click to call link, is as easy as creating a regular web link; except instead of using http:// you set the url as tel:+1273123456 where the numbers are your phone number.

4. Set Prospective Clients Mind At Ease With Testimonials. Testimonials give your pet grooming business credibility through social proof.  This is especially important in a business where customers are entrusting you with their near and dear pets.  Potential grooming customers want to know that they are leaving their “babies” in good hands.  Endorsements from previous clients helps to reassure them that they have nothing to worry about.  Having a testimonials page is great, but you can take it a step further by rotating some testimonials on your homepage.

5.  Get Clients Off The Fence With A Portfolio. New clients may nervous about your grooming skills; especially if they are coming to you after having a bad experience with another groomer.  Therefore, you need to be able to prove the quality of your work to those sitting on the fence.  A portfolio enables new clients to see the quality of your work.  Having a portfolio is extremely important and will convert more on-the-fence prospects to clients.

6. Get More Bookings With A Mailing List.  This is important for all grooming businesses, but especially for mobile pet groomers who don’t have a storefront that people can drive by as a constant reminder that you exist. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a way to reach customers. A mailing list will allow you to communicate with your customer base. You can let them know about specials and it’s a great way to get a rush of customers when the shop is slow.  If you are a mobile groomer, you can use your mailing list to let your clients know what area you will be in on certain days and encourage them to book an appointment, which will help streamline your route a little more. In short, a mailing list will get you get more bookings from existing clients.

7. Engage Your Website Visitors With Video.  In case you haven’t heard, video marketing is kind of a big deal.  In fact, it is estimated that it will account for nearly 80% of Internet traffic by the year 2020.  Bottom line, video should be a part of your website content and social media strategy.  No one will ever get enough of cute cat and dog videos.  I bet a day doesn’t go buy where a pet doesn’t make you giggle.  Am I right?  Well, if they make you giggle, they will make others giggle too, and those are the best videos and more likely to go viral.  So, keep the cameras rolling and start capturing some of those funny moments.  Another way to use video is to present yourself as the expert you are by doing grooming tutorials.  This helps others see that you know your stuff and is another form of credibility that can help improve conversions.  You can also use explainer videos to educate prospective clients about your grooming business.

If you already have a website, implementing these features should help grow your business a great deal.  If you don’t have a website, or are looking to modernize your website, let Untouchable Web Design take care of the techy stuff so you can give 100% to running your pet grooming business.  Simply order our Service-Based Business Web Development package and we’ll get started right away.

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