Web Development for Service-Based Businesses

Attract Customers To Your Service-Based Business With A Conversion Optimized Lead Generation Website

Our web development package for service-based businesses is strategically designed to help you effectively generate leads.  We build all of our service-based business websites on the WordPress platform, which offers robust features right out of the box, and direct access to add-ons that allow us to tailor build your website with the functionality needed to market your business more effectively.  

Our web development package for service-based businesses include a basic setup package with many standard options.  A number of premium service upgrades are also available for those looking for next level features.  If your small business has a physical location, we recommend getting this service along with a subscription to our Local SEO Service, which will help attract customers in your local area.

  • Basic Setup

  • Domain Name Registration (1 Year)
  • Web Hosting Service (1 Year)
  • WordPress CMS Installation
  • Theme Customization (10 Hrs)
  • Page Creation (10)
  • Email Contact Form
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Free Options

  • Photo Gallery
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ
  • Appointment Booking
  • Events Calendar
  • Live Chat
  • Paypal Acceptance
  • And More...
  • Service Upgrades

  • Theme Customization (11+ Hrs)
  • Logo Design
  • eCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Plugin Development
  • Content Management
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Video Production
  • Local Search Optimization

The following are the details for the items included in the Basic Setup.

Domain Name Registration:  The domain name registration for the first year of service is included with your web development package.  We register all domains at godaddy.com, and transfer ownership of it over to you once the site is complete.  After the first year, you will be responsible for renewing the domain name.  Currently, their annual registration fee is about $15 per year.

Web Hosting Service:  Unless you opt to host your website elsewhere, your website will be hosted on our web servers.  The first year of web hosting is included in your web development package.  After the first year, the cost keep your website live will be just $20/month, or a discounted annual prepayment of $150 per year.  At the time of paying for your web development package, you will be instructed to setup a Paypal subscription, which will kick in after your free year is depleted.

WordPress CMS Installation:  We will install the WordPress content management system on your web hosting account.  WordPress is an open source CMS script.  Once installed, WordPress allows you to easily manage content on your website, using an intuitive interface.  We extend WordPress’s core functionality with an add-on, that allows you to drag and drop design elements to achieve the desired layout for pages.

Theme Customization:  During the design stage.  We collect information from you to get an idea of the design and functional features you want.  We try to find an existing theme that is as close to what you want as possible.  From that point, you will get up to 10 hours of man hours for theme customization.  Hours over the allotted 10 are billed at a rate of $25 per hour.  It is rare that we go over the 10 hours, but when we do it is usually do to last minute changes due to indecisiveness, so it’s important to have a solid idea of what you want going into the service agreement to avoid unexpected fees.

Page & Navigation Setup:  We will create up to 10 starter pages, which typically include the Home, About, Portfolio, Services, Contact, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use pages.  You will have complete control over what pages you want and what they will be called.  You will be able to create additional pages beyond the pages we create on your behalf.  You will need to provide any text or graphics that you want implemented.  We can also add video that has been uploaded to Youtube or any video embed codes.

Email Contact Forms:  We will install contact form add-on, and place contact forms on your contact page, and anywhere you want to have email forms.  We recommend using gmail to receive email from your website visitors who fill out your contact form.  Many email service providers auto-filter email to spam folders, which can cause you to miss out on leads.  With gmail, we can install an add-on that will use your gmail SMTP (instead of the servers PHP function), which helps to ensure you receive your email leads. 

Google Analytics:  We will install Google Analytics on your website.  Knowing where your website visitors are coming from makes it possible for you to identify sweet spots that you can focus on to get customers.  Analytics can also tell you what visitors are doing when they come and where they are exiting.  This data can give you insight into problem areas that you may need to address. 

Mobile Responsive:  We only install mobile responsive themes.  Therefore, your website will look good, and more importantly, be usable on desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The following are free options that you can opt to have implemented on your website.

Photo Gallery:  Having a photo gallery is a must have for most service providers; since you don’t have a physical product.  You must be able to prove your self worthy of their business before you get their business.  A photo gallery is an ideal way to showcase your portfolio in a presentable way.

Testimonials:  Having testimonials on your site give you credibility and increase your conversions.  A testimonial script makes it possible for visitors to leave you reviews or testimonials.  Most testimonial plugins allow you to approve comments before publishing, so you can control the essence.

FAQ Page:  An FAQ script allows you to set up a pre-formatted page of frequently asked questions with your answers.  An FAQ page helps to reduce inquiries freeing up more of your time and lessening your demand for customer service.   There are various FAQ scripts available with many different features.

Appointment Booking:  Appointment booking is ideal for dog groomers, lawn care businesses, hair salon and barbershop owners, personal chefs or any business with a need to reserve time for clients.  Many appointment booking scripts offer the ability to accept a deposit, which would eliminate no shows; helping you to plan your day better.

Events Calendar:  If your service involves the need to inform your website visitors of appearances or transitional locations, an events calendar would be a good feature for you.  Public speakers, singers & musicians, and food truck owners should absolutely have an events calendar to keep your audience aware of your engagements and whereabouts.

Live Chat:  When you’ve got a lead asking questions on your website, the last thing you want to do is let them click away to one of your competitors.  Live chat allows you to be available to your prospects while they are piping hot.  Unless you simply don’t have the capacity to be available to answer questions on the fly, you should absolutely have a live chat feature.  If you have the budget, it would be be worth it to hire someone to be available to man the chat, once your website starts getting a lot of traffic.

Paypal Acceptance:   If you wold like the ability to accept Paypal payments from clients on your website, the option is available.  There are many plugins that offer this functionality, and we would need to know your intended use to be able to find the one that best suits your needs.  Not all business will need or want to accept Paypal payments, but we can implement if it is of interest to you.

Miscellaneous:  WordPress has a huge community of app developers, and you can almost always find a plugin to meet your needs.  If you see a feature on another website that you would like on yours, we’ll first look for an existing plugin that we can implement to save you from development fees, which can get quite costly due to the intensive development hours required to code a plugin from scratch.  As long as the existing plugin doesn’t require extensive configuration hours, and most do not, we’ll implement it at no additional cost to you.  Even if it becomes necessary to charge an incremental amount for configuration, it is usually a rather small amount (under $100).  But again, that is rarely necessary as most plugins are easy to implement.

The following are premium service upgrades.  

Theme Customization ($25/Hr):  Any customization hours over the allotted 10, are billed at $25 per hour.  We will notify you as soon as it becomes obvious to our development team that a request will put you over the budgeted hours.  This will give you an opportunity to cancel the request or make an informed choice to proceed in spite of the additional fees involved.

Logo Design ($500 Exclusive Add-On Price):   Our logo design process begins with us collecting some info about your business and any requirements you have.  Based on your feedback, we will come up with 5 design concepts for you to choose from.  Our talented design team will provide unlimited revisions on the selected logo according to your feedback until you are satisfied.

eCommerce Shopping Cart ($250 Installation):  WordPress is not ideal for a full-fledged eCommerce site, so we actually don’t recommend this upgrade.  For eCommerce, we suggest the Shopify Service.  However, if you still prefer to install eCommerce on WordPress, the option is available.  The price is for installation and configuration only.  Any customization will be billed at $25/Hr.

Plugin Development ($50/Hr):  Unlike theme development, plugin development can be much more complex and labor intensive.  As a result, the hourly rate is significantly higher.  It is strongly recommended that you take advantage of existing plugins when at all possible; however, our developers are available to build you a custom solution at the rate of $50 per hour if it is desired.

Content Management ($250/Month):  If you would like to outsource content management to take it off your plate, we’ve got you covered.  Our content management services are $250 per month for up to 10 man hours.  Whatever you need updated, send it to our team and we’ll get it done in the most proficient manner.  This service is maintenance only and excludes custom coding.

Email Marketing Campaign ($500 Setup):  As is, our small business website setup offers lead generation only via the contact form.   There is no automation, so you must manually follow-up with each lead.  With email marketing, your leads are collected and sent a follow-up email sequence.  In essence, automating your follow-up.  This service does require a subscription to a reputable email automation service such as  Aweber (that is our affiliate link) or Mailchimp.  Once your account is in place, our team will install email opt-in forms on your website and draft up a follow-up sequence.  We will monitor the responsiveness compared to analytics, and optimize over the course of a month.

Video Production ($250 Exclusive Add-On Price):  Video is proven to engage visitors and converts leads into customers.  We will produce a 30-second 3D Avatar or Whiteboard Animation video for your website; using your script.  If you’d prefer us to create a script, we’re happy to do that on your behalf.  For $250 more, we will use a live actor.

Local Search Optimization ($250/Month):  If you want to embrace the advantages of local search and get found by people in your local area who are looking for the services you offer, we can help you with that.  All businesses should be taking advantage of local search optimization; even if you serve more than your local area.  It is usually low hanging fruit and we can help bend the branch.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ:  All flat fees are due upfront, at the time of issuing the service agreement.  Coding/customization projects, for which there is no fixed completion time, will be billed at the estimated man hours.  If additional fees are incurred, it will be communicated to you once it becomes apparent to our development team.

Why Choose Us?

Experience & Continuous Learning.  We’ve been in business a long time.  And our experience goes back even longer; to the tune of 20 years.  Over those 20 years, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work.  And to make sure it stays that way, we stay informed of industry best practices and implement them on all our client’s sites to set them up for success.

We’ve heard horrer stories, from some of our clients, who came to me in desperation after waking up to find their website offline, and the original service provider no where to be found.   Untouchable Web Design is not some fly by night operation.  Just do a whois.icann.org search for our website and you’ll have verifiable proof that Untouchable Web Design has been around for nearly a decade, and our sister company, Lichelle Enterprise, has been around nearly 20 years.  Our business is our livelihood.  We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  You can count on that. 

There’s a lot of web developers out there telling clients that they build SEO optimized websites, but if you run their own site through Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, you’ll find that Google has given them a big fat F on speed and optimization.  If a web developer hasn’t even optimized his or her own website to Google’s standards, what are the chances they are going to sufficiently optimize yours?  If you run a query on Untouchable Web Design, you’ll see that Google likes us, and we make certain that they like our clients too.  We don’t sign off on any web development project until the site receives a passing score, for both mobile and desktop, on Google PageSpeed Insights.


We set our clients up for success by asking all the right questions to extract the information I need to build a website that speaks to their audience and has a purposeful layout that is optimized to convert.  Your website will be modern, mobile responsive, SEO-friendly, and you will be able to maintain it yourself, if you feel comfortable doing so.  If not, we can discuss a maintenance plan to fit your budget.

When you buy a website from Untouchable Web Design, we do everythingwecan to set you up for long-term success.  No web developer has the time to sit down with every client and give them an elaborate training on how to manage their site.  But that’s no excuse to leave them high and dry.

We implement video training and marketing resources in the dashboards of all our websites.  This not only helps you get a grasp of managing your own store, but it sets you up to be able to easily delegate website management tasks by taking this training off your plate. Just create a user account for them and direct them to the video training.

We install Yoast SEO plugin on every site we build, which is like having a virtual SEO advisor that makes content recommendations, for each page you create, to help you (or your staff) write content that includes all the necessary elements to rank better for your target keyword in Google and other search engines.

We don’t believe in handing off a website and sending you off on your own to sink or swim.  We’re not here just to sell you a website.  We want you to be successful.  So, we will continue to be there for you as a consultant; keeping you informed of industry changes and offering guidance and actionable steps for continual growth.

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