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Get Sales FAST With Our Signature SHOPIFY eCommerce Website Setup with Connectivity to Google’s Ad Network

Order Shopify eCommerce Setup – $750

If you need a website to sell physical products, our Shopify eCommerce web development service is recommended.  We build all of our eCommerce websites on the Shopify platform.  Our expert ecommerce setup is includes upgrades aimed at setting your product-based business up for success. We have a lengthy checklist of tasks and implementations to get your store live and ready to generate sales.  Our setup process is a combination of standard setup tasks, as well as several add-ons to turbo charge your eCommerce website.

  • Standard Setup

  • Link Domain To Shopify
  • Install & Configure Theme
  • Create Collections
  • Setup Store Navigation
  • Create Basic Pages
  • Configure Tax Settings
  • Configure Shipping Settings
  • Add Up To 10 Products
  • Included Add-Ons

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Merchant Setup
  • Google PLA Campaign Setup
  • Google Retargeting Campaign Setup
  • Live Chat
  • SEO Image Optimizer
  • Product Reviews App
  • Service Upgrades

  • Logo Design
  • Theme Modification
  • Add More Than 10 Products
  • Email Marketing Campaign Setup
  • Video Production
  • Extended SEO
  • Premium Theme
  • Custom App Development

Basic Setup
Included Add-Ons
Premium Upgrades
Basic Setup

Standard Shopify Features

We complete a number of tasks to get your store prepped for eCommerce business.  Our standard eCommerce setup package includes all of the following task:

Register & Link Domain:  If you do not already have a domain name we’ll register one for you at no additional cost.  The domain name first registration for the first year is on us (must be a non-premium domain).  We don’t hold your domain name hostage.  We transfer ownership over to you once we’re done with the job.  After the first year, you will be responsible for renewing the domain name.  Currently, their annual registration fee is about $15 per year.  After registering the domain name, we’ll complete the necessary steps to link the domain to your Shopify account.

Install & Configure Theme:  Shopify offers a select number of free themes.  Our standard setup includes the installation and configuration of a free theme.  During the configuration stage, we will customize your theme using the native customization options built-in to the theme, which typically include options for colors, fonts, a slider, setting a logo, associating featured collections, social media buttons, and other formatting options.

Create Collections:  Collections are used to group and categorize products.  We will setup any desired collections and tag them to automatically pull in the appropriate products based on keywords.  We will use common sense in selecting the keywords that qualify a product’s inclusion in a particular category, but your input is welcomed as well.  You will also have the ability to update these settings yourself at any time. If you are trying to start a business then you should look for all of the ways to achieve business growth in this new adventure.

Create Basic Pages:  We will setup the standard general pages, which include the Home, Contact Us, Shipping & Returns, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use.  We’ll use a generic template, which you can update to make your own, or you can provide 100% of the content if you’d prefer.  You will be able to add or remove pages as you see fit.

Setup Store Navigation:  We’ll setup your navigation to showcase all of the created pages and collections, so that visitors can easily navigate throughout your site.  Once again, we’ll use common sense in setting up the ordering and placement of navigation links, but your feedback is welcome.  This is your store, so at the end of the day, it should be setup how you want it.  It is not set in stone once we complete it; you will be able to update it yourself at anytime.

Configure Tax Settings:  Tax settings must be configured , so customers who reside in the same state as your store is based will be charged the necessary sales tax.  We’ll research the required sales tax rate for your state and specify it in the tax settings.

Configure Shipping Rates :  These settings are not very intuitive, so to make your life easier, we’ve included the setting of your shipping with our basic setup.  You will have the option to have free shipping, conditional free shipping with a (minimum order amount), and carrier calculated shipping.  You can set domestic and international shipping rates.

Add Up To 10 Products:  We’ll add up to 10 products.  This allowance is intended to give you a visual of what your store will look like populated, and it gives you examples to refer to when you start adding products yourself.  It also gives us an opportunity to test out collections and make sure they are populating correctly.  If you are interested in having us add all of your products, we do offer this service as a premium upgrade.

Included Add-Ons

Add-On Functionality

Shopify’s eCommerce platform is robust and sufficient for any small business right out of the box, so these native tasks alone are enough to satisfy the essentials of doing business online; however, we go the extra mile by equipping your store with additional functionality, aimed at delivering immediate results with tool sets to foster long-term success.  in other words, we set you up win!

For no additional cost, we install the following add-ons to your store; along with the standard tasks:

Google Analytics:  With Google Analytics, you get to see exactly where your website visitors are coming from; allowing you to focus on those channels that are delivering you the most visitors. Goals & Funnel tracking, takes it a step further by showing you, where people are dropping off in your funnel; allowing you the opportunity to improve your conversions.

Google Shopping App:  The Google Shopping App allows connectivity to Google’s search engine via Google Product Listings – the picture ads you sometimes see when you search for a physical item in a Google search.  There is a 3-way process involved with getting these ads live.  We like to call it the Trinity.  Here is how it works.,,

We install the Google Shopping app on your store, which connects and submits your store’s product feed to Merchant Center.  Merchant Center submits your product data to Google Adwords – Google’s paid advertising service; where you will be able to manage your campaign and advertising budget.

Google Merchant Center:  We’ll setup the required Merchant Center account and link it to the Google Shopping App on your Shopify store.  We’ll also link your Merchant Center account to your Google Adwords account, which is necessary in order for Merchant Center to send your data feed info to Adwords, where your Product Listing and Retargeting campaigns will be managed.

Google Adwords:  We’ll setup your Adwords account, which will be linked with your Google Merchant Center account as previously explained.  Google does require a credit card on file for us to complete these steps, so you will need to enter your credit card details (we will not be able to see your credit card information in the dashboard).  If you’d prefer, we’ll try to use a low balance gift card, which you can swap out with your own card once we’ve completed the setup.  Please know, Google may disable the ability for us to do this at anytime, but as long as it is a possibility, we’ll use this method if you so wish.

PLA Campaign Setup:  Once the technical setup is in place, we’ll setup your Product Listing Ad or PLA campaign.  This involves setting up max bids and daily budget.  You will obviously want to have some input on this, but we’ll set it up with minimum amounts (.01 cent clicks, $5 per day daily spend budget) just to get it setup, and you will be able to adjust these settings accordingly.

With this setup, all you have to do is add your credit card information in Adwords, fund your account, and adjust your per click and daily ad spend budget in Adwords.  Each time you add a product to your store, you will be able to submit it to Merchant Center from your Shopify dashboard, for immediate visibility in Google’s search engine via product listings ads.  This is how you get your products in front of potential customers the day you launch.

Retargeting Ad Campaign Setup:  Retargeting ads follow-up with your visitors by enticing them with the products they’ve shown interest in on your website, by re-exposing them to those same products on other participating websites in the Adwords partner network!  Like product listing ads, retargeting ad campaign budget is managed in Google Adwords; where can set your per click and per day ad spend caps, so you never spend more than you can afford on paid ads.

Live Chat:  We install a very robust live chat app on your store; with IOS and Android apps that allow you to interact with your website visitors no matter where you are.  Being available, on the fly, to answer the questions of prospects will help you close more customers because it helps them make an informed decision at the critical moment when they are on your website, and gives your store credibility.

Premium Upgrades

Service Upgrades

Our Standard Setup, along with any included add-ons, is a sufficient start for any ecommerce start-up site.  However, for those wanting to be more aggressive with store customization and marketing services, we have a great selection of upgrades to consider.

The following are premium service upgrades.

Logo Design ($500 Exclusive Add-On Price):   Our logo design process begins with us collecting some info about your business and any requirements you have.  Based on your feedback, we will come up with 5 design concepts for you to choose from.  Our talented design team will provide unlimited revisions on the selected logo according to your feedback until you are satisfied.

Theme Customization ($25/Hr):  Any hours toward theme customization, outside of the native configuration options, are billed at $25 per hour.  You will be informed if any customization request will require development hours.  This will give you an opportunity to cancel the request or make an informed choice to proceed in spite of the additional fees involved.

Add Products ($10-$20 per product):  If you would like us to add all of your products (not just the 10 included in the standard setup), we will do so at a cost of $10 per products.  You must provide the descriptions or direct us to a manufacturers resource where we can obtain them.  You also have the option to have us write product descriptions on your behalf.  For more information onthis option, please see the section on Extended SEO.

Email Marketing Campaign ($500 Setup):  Shopify does not come with email marketing built-in.  What communication options they do have is manual.  In fact the only communication ability you have is for customers, and it is manual, so there is no automation.  There is no native ability to collect leads, outside of the abandoned cart feature, which of course requires prospective customers to start the order process before you can follow-up with them.

With automated email marketing, you can collect leads regardless of whether they buy or start an order.  Once a lead opts-in, they are sent a follow-up email sequence that spans over the course of a year (1 email per month).  In essence,  this email marketing campaign setup essentially automates your follow-up marketing.

This service does require a subscription to a reputable email automation service such as  Aweber (that is our affiliate link) or MailChimp.  Once your account is in place, our team will install email opt-in forms on your website and draft up a 12-month follow-up sequence.  You will be able to login to your chosen email marketing provider to edit and add scheduled follow-up emails or send broadcasts.

Video Production ($250 Exclusive Add-On Price):  Video is proven to engage visitors and converts leads into customers.  We will produce a 30-second 3D Avatar or Whiteboard Animation video for your website; using your script.  If you’d prefer us to create a script, we’re happy to do that on your behalf.  For $250 more, we will use a live actor.

Extended SEO ($25 per page):  This service applies to product descriptions, category pages, & general info pages.  If you would like us to write search engined optimized content, the cost will be $20 per page.  We give all written content the complete SEO treatment; meaning we perform keyword research and write content around the focus keywords obtained from our research.  We also optimize product titles (which are tied to image alt tags for SEO purposes), page titles, and meta description.

Premium Theme Purchase:  If you would prefer to start with a premium theme, verses a free theme, from Shopify’s theme store, we will charge you the full price of the theme.  We do not charge an additional amount to install the theme as theme installation is included in our standard fee.  You will only be charged the actual amount it costs us to buy the premium theme from Shopify.

App Development ($50/Hr):  Unlike theme development, plugin development can be much more complex and labor intensive.  As a result, the hourly rate is significantly higher.  It is strongly recommended that you take advantage of existing Shopify apps when at all possible; however, our developers are available to build you a custom solution at the rate of $50 per hour if it is desired.

Content Management ($250/Month):  If you would like to outsource content management to take it off your plate, we’ve got you covered.  Our content management services are $250 per month for up to 10 man hours.  Whatever you need updated, send it to our team and we’ll get it done in the most proficient manner.  This service is maintenance only and excludes custom coding.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ:  All flat fees are due upfront, at the time of issuing the service agreement.  Coding/customization projects, for which there is no fixed completion time, will be billed at the estimated man hours.  If additional fees are incurred, it will be communicated to you once it becomes apparent to our development team.

Completion Report & Screen Demo

Once the setup is complete.  You will be provided a completion report with a checklist of all the items that were completed on your store.  Additionally, we’ll schedule an on-screen walk through demo, in which we’ll show you the basics of how to manage your store, and submit products to Google’s Ad Service from your Shopify dashboard.

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