Organic SEO Services for Shopify & WordPress

Our organic SEO service is recommended for businesses and self-employed individuals, who’s website is built on Shopify or WordPress, and who ship products or provide services to consumers outside of their immediate geographical area.

Attract Customers From All Over The World With Organic SEO

  • Organic SEO is for you if you ship products or provide services statewide.
  • Organic SEO is for you if you ship products or provide services nationwide
  • Organic SEO is for you if you ship products or provide services worldwide.

Attract Customers Regardless of Their Location

Organic search engine optimization or SEO is absolutely essential if you ship products or provide services outside of your local area.  Having a spiffy website is just the beginning.  Getting found in search engines requires SEO, which involves taking the necessary steps to strategically get better placement and more visibility in results.  Organic SEO, specifically, means doing the aforementioned things to get better placement, for all of the regions you serve, in Google’s free listings (verses paid sponsored placement).

Search optimization can be very complex and overwhelming, especially if you have a website with a lot of pages. Optimizing all of these pages can be quite intensive and involve hours upon hours of time investment.  Most business owners don’t have the time, the patience, and most importantly the expertise to deal with such a beast.  That’s where Untouchable Web Design comes in.

Web Development and search engine marketing is what we specialize in, and we’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years.  We encourage you, and all of our customers, to take these techy tasks off your plate, and let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

Our Organic SEO Process

Our organic SEO starts with a site analysis.  This gives us an awareness of any problem areas with the technical design of your site.  This analysis gives us insight and a starting point.

In fact, you can actually run the exact SEO audit we run for your site right now, so you can see the results of the analysis we would use to determine a course.  In fact, we recommend you do that now, because we think it’s important you know where your business stands in the digital space.

You may be able to fix some or all of these things for yourself, so there’s really no reason not to run the audit.  If you are able to take care of these things on your own that is great!  On the other hand, if it seems a bit to techy for your level of experience, that is what we are here for.

The seo analysis will check for the following, all of which are important search engine ranking factors:

  • Malware Detection
  • Page Speed
  • Sitemap Existence
  • URL Variation Redirects
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Social Presence
  • Robots.txt
  • Meta Data
  • Page Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Headings
  • Content
  • Google Resources
  • External URL’s

If there are any structural problems with your site, we’ll make you aware of them and offer suggestions to correct them before we begin our process. 

This is a very important step, because without an SEO friendly site structure, nothing we do will work to its fullest benefit.  Therefore, we urge all of our clients to take this step very serious and work with us to address any recommendations immediately.  

Most, if not all of our suggestions will be minor fixes for someone with basic content management systems or web development experience will be able to handle.  However, if your site was designed incorrectly, there could be some substantial work needed or possibly even an entire site over haul; especially if your site is built on an old platform with outdated framework.

Structural and structural updates are considered web development, and therefore, are not included in our SEO package.  If structural updates are recommended, you will need to determine if it is something you want to deal with on your own, outsource to us, or have us proceed without implementing such updates.

Once we address any structural issues, we’ll perform keyword research to identify highly searched keywords relative to your practice and physical location.  We’ll compile a list of the keywords we recommend.

We’ll also size up the competition for each keyword to determine if a 1st page search placement can be reasonably obtained, and prioritize the target keywords with consideration for their search volume and attainability.

With our carefully selected target keywords on deck, we’ll formulate a content and linking strategy based on your business and your budget.

We’ll propose several SEO service packages to give you some options and let you decide how aggressive you want to move forward.  Will also help you make an informed decision by explaining the benefits of each option.

Once we have a set of keywords to work with, the next step is roll-out the organic seo strategy.  The number of pages we optimize in a given monthly cycle, will depend on your budget.  With a bigger budget, you can expect the process to happen at a much faster pace. 

With a smaller budget, you may need to take things much slower, which also means a longer period of time before you start to see a noticeable improvement in your site’s search placement.

Due to the extensive and long-term nature of SEO, all of our plans are subscription based.  However, there are no contracts, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

ecommerce pages often number in the thousands, and merchants are constantly adding to their inventory.  Even once we’ve optimized all existing pages, effective search engine optimization requires  continuous follow-up, analysis, on-page tweaking, and external linking to sustain a strong search presence.

Furthermore, search engine algorithms are always changing, requiring even more adjustments to stay relative and compliant.  Therefore, it is important to understand that SEO is a long-term maintenance program rather than a quick fix.

Monthly Reports

You will receive monthly traffic reports, so you will always have a measure of the progress our team is achieving and validation that your hard earned money is not going to waste. You won't have to wait for a report each month to know what's happening with your search presence. You'll be able to log into a convenient client dashboard anytime you'd like.

Industry Updates

SEO best practices are constantly changing. What is effective this season, may kill your search ranking next season. As digital marketing experts, we diligently study our craft; staying engaged and on top of industry changes, so we always know what has changed; adjusting our strategies accordingly to ensure our clients stay competitively ranked.

Results in 90-Days

Search engine optimization is a gradual process. Beware of any SEO company promising overnight results. While we are confident you will notice results much sooner, 3 months ensures sufficient time to address any technical issues, roll-out the SEO strategy, and allow Google the necessary time to crawl your site and update their search data base.

Results Guaranteed​

Give us 90 days to build up your organic search presence.  If after 3 months your analytics report doesn’t show an increase in traffic, we will waive your fee for the next quarter.  This is a lifetime guarantee!  So, for every 3-months of paid SEO service, we guarantee a traffic increase, or your next 3-months are free!

Results Guaranteed | Local SEO | Organic SEO

Why does the guarantee kick in after the first 3 months?

That’s a very good question.  SEO is a slow process.  We need time to put any necessary changes in place in order to set you up for success.  Therefore, the SEO strategy roll-out does not really begin, until the necessary technical improvements are completed.

Once we begin to roll-out the SEO strategy, those actions then need time to build-up and get crawled and picked up by the search engines.  Furthermore, there is an aging process that has to happen with web pages for optimal ranking.  Therefore, this 3-month lead time is critical and very necessary.

Why don't you guarantee sales?

That’s another good question.  The answer is simple.  While an increase of sales will typically correlate with an increase in traffic, that isn’t always the case due to seasonal cycles, product demand, reputation, and other factors out of our control.  So, while we absolutely stand by our ability to get you more traffic, unfortunately, we can not guarantee sales.

We Go The Extra Mile

Even though we can’t guarantee sales, we can keep a watchful eye on any sales conversions you want tracked in your Google Analytics account.  If we see that you are not getting an increase in sales, we will do our own investigation and analysis, and if we identify anything revealing as to why you are not getting the expected sales increase, we will communicate that to you and offer any suggestions.

Although conversion monitoring is not within the scope of the services we perform for our SEO services, we’re happy to offer this to you free of charge since we’ll be monitoring your Google Analytics for organic search purposes anyway during the course of your active subscription.

Rest assured, you will be taken care of.  We are not hear to take your hard earned money and leave you without results.  As small business ourselves, we are passionate about helping business owners.  That’s why we do what we do.  We take your business as serious as we do our own.  In fact, even though we have a team of talented experts, it’s not uncommon for the owner, with upwards of 20-years experience in the industry, to roll up the sleeves and get involved on an account that needs a little bit of extra attention.

Why Untouchable Web Design?

Our focus on WordPress and Shopify has allowed us to become expert specialists.  While other marketing companies, provide watered down services, trying to be everything under the son, we specialize in these two platforms because we know them inside and out.  We know the technical requirements to optimize them for best results and we know exactly what is necessary to set you up for success.

And while we have the general skills necessary to implement SEO treatments on other platforms, we don’t because we know we will not be able to give them the very best, which is what our customers deserve.

If your site is, or will soon be, built on Shopify or WordPress, and you are thinking about outsourcing the search engine optimization, complete the form below to request our free SEO audit, and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss some options to help get you the results you’ve been looking for with our organic SEO service.

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