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7 Must Have Website Features For Your Gourmet Popcorn Business

If you own a Gourmet popcorn shop, this may be the single most important article you will ever read.  We recently had the pleasure of launching a Gourmet Popcorn website for a business owner here in the Dallas/Fort worth area.  We thoroughly research the industry for every job we take on, and as a result, learn a lot about the industry for every project we complete, get Instagram followers.  In this article, we’ll share some must-have features that every gourmet popcorn shop should include on their website, maximising business growth.

  1.  Use ecommerce platform that supports many variations.  We’ve worked on several platforms, and many of them have limitations on how many variations it can support for a single product.  This can be problematic when you are dealing with a popcorn shop that offers many different flavors to choose from.  One of the issues we ran into with this particular project was the platform we used generates each possible combination on the backend of the website, have a look at how to go viral on TikTok.  So, for a tin of popcorn that allows the buyer to choose up to 3 different flavors, and there are 50 different flavors, the platform generates every possible combination, which equates to literally thousands of different combinations; especially when you throw the added variation of tin color into the mix, look into choosing a trade and the right one.  The platform we used only allows you to generate up to 50 variations at a time, so with thousands of combinations to generate, it would have taken days to generate them all.  We ended up finding a solution that allowed us to add variations without the platform needing to generate every possible combination on the backend.  This solution also gave us more input options for variations than a simple dropdown box.  We could now create customization options with text fields, radial buttons, mult-select fields, and more.
  2. Use a platform that allows you to collect all the information you need.  In addition to being able to support many variations, you should also be able to collect all the necessary information you need to complete the order.  For example, the popcorn tins often allow customers to have 2 or 3 different flavors.  In our research, we saw some companies required customers to call in to specify the flavors they wanted if they wanted more than a single flavor.  This defeats the purpose of online ordering.  Your website needs to be able to collect all the necessary information, so as not to inconvenience customers, which results in lost sales, learn more over at the 18th edition online course.
  3. Target groups and occasions.  You sell popcorn, but don’t just target individuals who only want popcorn.  The gourmet popcorn business is sort of a boutique type of business that can be marketed to many different groups and for many different occasions including birthdays, corporate gifts, fundraisers, and weddings.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture some of these markets, which can result in some bulk orders to boost your revenue through the roof.
  4. Offer tins with licensed artwork.  Many gourmet popcorn shops sell tins with licensed artwork.  A common example is popcorn tins for professional and collegiate sports teams.  Your cost to offer such products will be higher because you are paying for the right to sell products bearing licensed art work, but people are usually willing to pay more for these types of items.
  5. Display a map of your popcorn shop’s location.  If you’re popcorn shop has a physical location that is open to the public, you should have a map of your location somewhere on your website.  The most common place for this is on the home page, in the footer, and/or on the contact page.  Additionally, you should have your companies name, address, and phone number somewhere on your site; preferably on every page via the header or footer.  This helps with your local SEO, so you can rank in local search results when people search for gourmet popcorn shops in your area.
  6. Specify business hours and keep them updated.  You don’t want people stopping by your popcorn shop when you are closed.  This makes for a bad customer experience.  Your website should state your hours of operation and should be kept updated.  We actually used a script that automatically states, “We’re open now” or “Sorry, we’re closed” according to the business hours we’ve set.  This was in addition to having the specific hours posted in the footer and on the contact page.
  7. Incorporate social Media.  The gourmet popcorn business is a fun and quirky business with all the crazy flavors and colors.  This type of business was made for social media.  You should be marketing your business on social media and integrating that social media into your website with share and follow buttons.  We also displayed a facebook feed, so visitors could see the latest posts by the shop owner.

In addition to the standard features that every website should have, we firmly believe the 7 features mentioned in this article are ideal for Gourmet popcorn businesses.  If you own, or will be launching a gourmet popcorn shop, we highly recommend incorporating the above mentioned concepts into your website design.

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