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Local SEO service is recommended, particularly for physical business owners with services limited to a local area.  Local businesses have a unique set of circumstances. You can’t ship your services all over the world, so your marketing has to be localized to attract people in your area.  In addition to regular search benefits, local SEO helps you get visibility on maps and GPS navigation systems, make your business dream a reality.

Furthermore, there are existing, and new technologies popping up, with the ability to connect you to potential customers who are searching for the specific products or services you offer, on mobile devices, while they are near your physical location.  So, it is in your best interest to be locally optimized as most of these apps are powered by services like Google Maps, look into vmi supply chain.

Our expert team of SEO experts are knowledgeable in local search engine optimization (SEO). We stay up-to-date on industry best practices, and we know exactly what to do to get your phone ringing.  With our best niches for affiliate marketing services, you can expect to SEE RESULTS IN 90 DAYS OR LESS, and we confidently stand behind our work with a bold GUARANTEE

The Local SEO Process

Website Audit

Our local SEO process start off with a website audit and operating 24/7. During this stage, we comb through your site with a fine tooth comb, identifying red flags and anything that is counter productive to your site’s search health and we will address them immediately.

On-Page Optimization

We’ll improve your site’s infrastructure based on industry best practice.  Next, we’ll optimize your website content for your location, based on our keyword research. This is an ongoing process that involves us creating and updating content for your website as part of your subscription.

Location Data Monitoring

Data aggregators supply location information to major search engines like Google. Any inconsistencies in your location data is a red flag to Google, and can hurt your search placement. Therefore it is extremely important to monitor your information across the internet. Location data monitoring is included in our local SEO service.

Keyword Research

We’ll perform keyword research to identify  highly searched keywords relative to your practice and physical location.  We’ll also size up the competition for each keyword to determine if a 1st page search placement can be reasonably obtained.

Citation Acquisition

We also help strengthen your search placement through citation acquisition.  Citations are references of your name, address, and phone number in location based directories. Google’s local search algorithm relies heavily on citations, so it’s important to consistently obtain them.

Monthly Reports

You will receive monthly traffic reports, so you will always have a measure of the progress our team is achieving and validation that your hard earned money is not going to waste.  You won’t have to wait for a report each month to know what’s happening with your search presence.  You’ll be able to log into a convenient client dashboard anytime you’d like.

We Stay On Top Of Industry Shifts

SEO best practices are constantly changing.  What is effective this season, may kill your search ranking next season.  As digital marketing experts, we diligently study our craft; staying engaged and on top of industry changes, so we always know what works NOW and adjusting our strategies accordingly.  We are constantly moving with this industry; keeping our clients abreast of these changes, and making recommendations so they can stay relative and competitive in their markets.


Give us 90 days to build up your local search presence.  If after 3 months your analytics report doesn’t show an increase in local traffic, we will waive your fee for the next quarter.

Why Does It Take 90-Days?

Search engine optimization is a gradual process.  Beware of any SEO company promising overnight results.  While we are confident you will notice results much sooner, 3 months ensures sufficient time to address any technical issues, build up citations, and allow Google the necessary time to crawl your site.

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