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About Untouchable Web Design

Untouchable Web Design was founded by Michelle Green, an entrepreneur within every fiber of her being.  She built her first website, nearly 20 years ago, on AOL and has been at it ever since.  After a decade of developing websites for herself, she launched Untouchable Web Design, and began using her experience to help other entrepreneurs.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Our passion is helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by setting them up for success with effective web design and development service.


What We Do: The Short Answer

We set you up for success with a results-driven website!

What We Do: The Long Answer

We set you up for success by developing a stunning website with lead capture capability and automated email marketing to grab your visitors attention, draw them into your sales funnel, and nurture your leads until they become your customer.  We setup facebook and Google ads; giving you an immediate source of targeted traffic to jump start your new website by feeding your sales funnel with a constant flow of new leads.


Write it down, you will need it later.

Which Package Is Right For Me?


The BASIC plan is for those who have more time than money. If you want to get setup and take over, this plan is for you. Perfect for stay at homers and retirees.


The PREMIUM plan is a happy medium for those who love the creative side of marketing, but don't want to deal with the techy content management side of it.


The ELITE plan is for those who have more money than time. You want to get a business launched but don't have the time to manage the website and promote it.

More About Our Package Features

Domain Name Registration:  Our lead generation system includes domain name registration for the life of your subscription.  We register all domains at  We do not hold your domain name hostage, so you may request a transfer of ownership  at anytime; however, once a domain name is transferred over to you, it will be your responsibility to renew it each year.

Web Hosting Service:  Unless you opt to host your website elsewhere, your website will be hosted on our web servers.  Web hosting is included in your subscription.  Basic subscribers pay a $75 annual hosting fee.  For Premium and Elite subscribers, hosting is covered in your monthly fee.   Premium and Elite subscribers who would like to downgrade, can contact us to be switched over.   If you cancel your subscription, your hosting will be good until your signup anniversary date; at which point, your site will be switched off. 

Company Email Accounts:  All packages include unlimited domain branded company email accounts (eg.  Domain branded email accounts help you look more professional so that prospective customers take you seriously.

Web Development:  Our web development process begins with an installation of the WordPress content management system.  WordPress is an open source CMS script.  Once installed, WordPress allows you to easily manage content on your website, using an intuitive interface.  We extend WordPress’s core functionality with an add-on, that allows you to drag and drop design elements to achieve the desired layout for pages.  Once the CMS is installed, we begin designing your website based on the feedback you provide with your subscription.  We’ll have a rough draft up within 72 hours and you’ll be provided with up to 40 hours of developer hours for revisions.  Additional hours are rarely needed, but are available at a rate of $50 per hour.  All of our lead generation sites are mobile responsive.  Therefore, your website will look good, and more importantly, be usable on desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Video Introduction:  Sites with video convert better.  All packages include a video introduction.  We hire professional talent and put together captivating video introductions that trigger action.

Dashboard Tutorials:  We install video tutorials within the admin dashboard to help orientate users who will be doing their own content updates.  Whether you need to add an image to a page, create a new page, or add a new link to your website navigation, you’ll have tutorials to show you exactly how it’s done; saving you time and the headache of having to figure it out on your own.

Monthly Traffic Reports:  We will install Google Analytics on your website and setup automated reporting to be sent to you via email.  The reports will tell you how much web traffic you are getting, so you will know if it’s increasing month after month.  Knowing how much traffic you are getting and where your website visitors are coming from makes it possible for you to identify sweet spots that you can focus on to get customers.  Analytics can also tell you what visitors are doing when they come and where they are exiting.  This data can give you insight into problem areas that you may need to address. 

Email Marketing:  We use MailChimp for email marketing automation.  MailChimp is free for the first 2,000 subscribers and allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month before you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.  Your web architect will install the MailChimp opt-in form on the lead generation website and create an email campaign with 20 follow-up messages to be dispatched over a period of 1 year.

5 Web Pages:  We’ll create up to 5 web pages.  These typically include a home, about, services/pricing, portfolio, and contact page, but the choice is yours and you’ll be able to create more web pages any time you’d like.  In addition to the 5 base pages, we’ll also create standard privacy policy and terms of use pages.

Virtual SEO Adviser:  SEO stands for search engine optimization.  All it is updating your web pages with content that helps you rank better.  The average person, with no SEO training, hasn’t a clue of how to optimize a web page.  That’s why we equip all of our client websites with a virtual SEO adviser that offers recommendations about updates you can make to improve your SEO.

Daily Content Update (PREMIUM & ELITE):  PREMIUM and ELITE package subscribers are allowed a daily content update.  Each update can include up to 5 tasks.  These 5 tasks can be applied to a single page or multiple pages.  For example, if you want to 2 pictures to your portfolio page and change the phone number in the header.  This will use 3 of your 5 task credits for the day.

Virtual Assistant (ELITE):  ELITE subscribers get 10 virtual assistant hours per month.  Send unlimited tasks to your dedicated U.S. assistant during business hours.  Unused hours rollover to the next month!  Utilize your virtual assistant for tasks you don’t want to do yourself.  Examples of how VA’s are often used include administrative tasks, basic accounting tasks, social media management, blogging, content writing, document creation and formatting, live chat, responding to emails, email marketing, customer service, telemarketing, following up with leads, and more.

Google Ad Campaign Setup:  We setup Google Ad campaigns for all clients.  Google is a pay per click service that allows you to set a max click  as low as 10 cents and daily budget as low as $5 per ad.  You can pause and resume ads as needed.  We will setup a text, video, and retargeting ad.  Text ads are simple headline and description ads that Google searchers see when searching for a product or service they are interested in.  Video ads are the ads you see at the beginning of Youtube videos.  Youtube is owned by Google, which is why the ads are managed in Google Ads.  Retargeting ads are the ads that follow your website visitors around after they have visited your site.  You can imagine how having these ads in place can be effective in getting you customers. 

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup:  Our ad team will setup a facebook ad campaign to grow your facebook following, a campaign to send traffic directly to your website, a retargeting ad campaign, and a facebook video ad campaign.  If you have an existing facebook page, you will need to add us as an administrator.  If you do not have a facebook page, we can create one for you.

$500 Monthly Ad Spend (ELITE):  Subscribers of the ELITE package receive $500 in ad spend each month.  We will apply half of it to your Google ad campaigns and the other half to your Facebook ad campaigns.  Each allotment will be spread out across the different campaign types (text, video, retargeting, social follows) within each channel.

NOTE:  BASIC and PREMIUM subscriber ad campaigns are not funded.  In order to begin receiving traffic from the Google and Facebook ad campaigns, you will need to fund the advertising accounts and activate your ad campaigns.

Ad Campaign Optimization (ELITE):  Our ELITE subscription includes ongoing ad campaign optimization service.  With this service, we monitor your Google and Facebook ad performance and continuously optimize them for better performance.  Elite subscribers will receive regular reporting from our ad management team.  Reports will gauge ad traffic, mailing list opt-ins, phone calls, and any other conversions.

The following are free options that you can opt to have implemented on your website.

Photo Gallery:  Having a photo gallery is a must have for most service providers; since you don’t have a physical product.  You must be able to prove your self worthy of their business before you get their business.  A photo gallery is an ideal way to showcase your portfolio in a presentable way.

Testimonials:  Having testimonials on your site give you credibility and increase your conversions.  A testimonial script makes it possible for visitors to leave you reviews or testimonials.  Most testimonial plugins allow you to approve comments before publishing, so you can control the essence.

FAQ Page:  An FAQ script allows you to set up a pre-formatted page of frequently asked questions with your answers.  An FAQ page helps to reduce inquiries freeing up more of your time and lessening your demand for customer service.   There are various FAQ scripts available with many different features.

Appointment Booking:  Appointment booking is ideal for dog groomers, lawn care businesses, hair salon and barbershop owners, personal chefs or any business with a need to reserve time for clients.  Many appointment booking scripts offer the ability to accept a deposit, which would eliminate no shows; helping you to plan your day better.

Events Calendar:  If your service involves the need to inform your website visitors of appearances or transitional locations, an events calendar would be a good feature for you.  Public speakers, singers & musicians, and food truck owners should absolutely have an events calendar to keep your audience aware of your engagements and whereabouts.

Live Chat:  When you’ve got a lead asking questions on your website, the last thing you want to do is let them click away to one of your competitors.  Live chat allows you to be available to your prospects while they are piping hot.  Unless you simply don’t have the capacity to be available to answer questions on the fly, you should absolutely have a live chat feature.  If you have the budget, it would be be worth it to hire someone to be available to man the chat, once your website starts getting a lot of traffic.

Paypal Acceptance:   If you wold like the ability to accept Paypal payments from clients on your website, the option is available.  There are many plugins that offer this functionality, and we would need to know your intended use to be able to find the one that best suits your needs.  Not all business will need or want to accept Paypal payments, but we can implement if it is of interest to you.

Miscellaneous:  WordPress has a huge community of app developers, so we can almost always find a plugin to meet your needs.  If you see a feature on another website that you would like, let us know and we’ll check for an existing plugin.  If one is available, we’ll implement it for no additional cost.

How An Untouchable Website Works For You

Instant Traffic Source

Instantly switch on a continuous flow of leads from a variety of facebook and Google pay per click ads that we setup, so all you have to do is activate.

Sales On Demand

Spike sales on demand with a broadcast system that allows you to send out promotions to entice your mailing list subscribers.

Lead Acquisition

Get the most out of your advertising dollars by capturing leads instead of letting 98% of your prospects walk away with your advertising budget.

Repeat Customers

Send email offers to existing buyers to attract repeat business and foster long-term customer loyalty through continued communication.

Passive Follow-up

Passively stay in touch with your prospects via automated follow-up and be the first one they think about when they are ready to take action!

Marketing Automation

Leverage marketing automation designed to pump leads into your business and prompt action, allowing you to close more sales and achieve your goals.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Set you Up For Success: We set our clients up for success by asking all the right questions to extract the information needed to build an effective website with a strategic layout and messaging that speaks to your audience and compels them to take the desired action. A lead capture system and email automation takes care of the follow-up; cultivating your leads to maturity. Your lead generation website will be modern, mobile responsive, and search engine friendly. All of our plans include Google and Facebook ad campaign setup, which allows you to flip on a switch to instantly turn on a flow of targeted traffic whenever you want.
  • Experience & Continuous Learning: Experience & Continuous Learning. We’ve been in business a long time. And our experience goes back even longer; to the tune of 20 years. We know what works and what doesn’t work, and to make sure it stays that way, we stay informed of industry best practices and take the initiative to implement them on all our client’s sites to set them up for success. We consult with our clients anytime they have a request that may be counter productive to their success.
  • Longevity: We’ve heard horror stories, from some of our clients, who came to me in desperation after waking up to find their website offline, and the original service provider no where to be found. Untouchable Web Design is not some fly by night operation. Just do a search for our website and you’ll have verifiable proof that Untouchable Web Design has been around for nearly a decade. Our business is our livelihood. We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. You can count on that.
  • We Lead By Example: Often times, clients who don’t know any better, ask for features that are not industry best practice. If you’re not careful, some web developers will build sub-standard websites for clients; knowing full well that those requests will likely hurt their chances of success. We will never implement a website feature that we wouldn’t use in our own business without consulting you first. If our experience tells us something may not be effective, we’ll let you know, so you can make an informed choice.
  • Committed To Your Success: We don’t believe in handing off a website and sending you off on your own to sink or swim. We’re not here just to sell you a website. We want you to be successful. That's why we go the extra mile providing ad campaign setup, dashboard tutorials, and additional services to offer additional guidance and support wherever you need it. Whether you subscribe to post-build services or not, we will continue to be there for you, long after the build, through email consulting. We'll keep you informed of industry changes and offer guidance and actionable steps for continual growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  A domain name is included with all subscriptions, but you may choose to use an existing domain name.

Yes!  While this is not recommended, we can work with you to see if your hosting will be suitable for our web development services.  Please contact us via live chat if this is something you wish to do.  If we are able to work with your hosting, you would pay only the setup fee and would not be charged any hosting fees.

Yes!  We can setup an installment plan to break up the setup fee for any package.  Please contact us via our live chat and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

We don’t just build you a website.  In addition to the website setup, we set you up for success with a powerful lead acquisition and follow-up system, which includes Facebook and Google ad campaign setup and sophisticated back-end marketing automation.  Everything you need to start capturing and converting leads to customers.

Yes!  If you feel our packages are more than you need, contact us via our live chat, tell us your needs, and we’ll provide a quote.  If you decide to move forward, we’ll send you a custom service agreement and invoice.

We deliver a rough draft within 72 hours; at which point we will begin the revision process.  We provide up to 40 development hours, which can be spread across multiple weeks.  In general, jobs are completed within a 2-4 week time frame.

Yes!  If you would like to switch subscription plans, contact us via live chat and we can assist you.

It’s easy to cancel your subscription.  We don’t make you jump through hoops to cancel your subscription.  All subscriptions are managed via Paypal, simply click this cancellation link, and you will be directed to Paypal’s website to complete your subscription cancellation.

Your site will remain live until your signup anniversary date; at which point, all services will terminate.  If you would like to keep your domain name, you will need to put in a request to have it transferred over to you at no cost.  If you would like a backup of your website, so you can move it to a new hosting provider, simply contact us before your subscription terminates and we’ll be happy to provide you with a copy of your website files at no cost.